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    Here’s what a few of our friends in the media have to say about BakeSpace..

    “The closest thing to a Facebook for foodies is BakeSpace.com.”  – USA Today

    “The site is easy to use and full of dishes that everyday cooks might actually want to make. The space may be virtual, but the food is real.” Scripps Howard News Service

    “Charming in its simplicity, country kitchen aesthetic and ease of use, BakeSpace is an open invitation not only to bakers, but to cooks of all kinds.”Bon Appetit

    “The key to it’s appeal is the interactive design which encourages like-minded cooks to make friends over the internet.”Washington Post

    “If food defines you, there’s a new online gathering place for you to find the similarly obsessed, and its called BakeSpace. Now that’s a pretty great idea I have to say.”Even Kleinman, Host of NPR’s “Good Food”

    “Move over MySpace – now there’s something tastier! The newest social networking Web site to hit the scene is geared toward the food obsessed, and it’s called BakeSpace.”CNET’s Chow.com



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    • August 8, 2012
    • The Digital Publishing Report
    • BakeSpace.com Releases Cookbook Cafe, Cookbook App
    • February 22, 2012
    • SoCalTech
    • BakeSpace.com Launches iPad Cookbook Publishing Service – read story
    • August 18, 2010
    • Brandweek Magazine
    • BakeSpace.com Launches Series for Sabra Hummus
    • October 28, 2009
    • San Jose Mercury News
    • Desperate to Eat Wisteria Lane Style?

    Whether it’s Scavo-style pizza, Susan’s burned mac and cheese or Bree’s muffins, ABC-TV’s “Desperate Housewives” always has had a food element. Now a collaboration between the sudsy show’s writers and BakeSpace.com, an online community for foodies, is putting Wisteria Lane’s cuisine online. Fans swap recipes and tips with the women of Wisteria Lane.

    • August 10, 2009
    • SocalTech.com
    • Interview with Babette Pepaj, Founder of BakeSpace.com – read story by Benjamin F. Kuo
    • August 8, 2009
    • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    • ‘Julie & Julia’ the toast of the foodie set. Meal and a movie: Fans build events around film about blogger and chef.
    Members of Bakespace.com, an online culinary community, got together for an advance screening at Phipps Plaza the other night.
    • August 5, 2009
    • Mashable
    • 15 More Fantastic Social Media Resources for Foodies – read story by Josh Catone
    • July 10, 2009
    • BakeSpace.com selected as one of 11 Finalist Startups for Twiistup 6 Event in Los Angeles
    • July 2, 2009
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    • Online Cooks meet up here – read story by Gretchen McKay

    People who love to cook are, by nature, a convivial bunch. As evidenced by a recent first-of-its-kind “cookover” in Washington County, they’re also not averse to traveling hundreds of miles to spend time in the kitchen with friends — even those they previously knew only through the computer.

    This past weekend, Karen Radu hosted eight members of BakeSpace.com, an online food-oriented community created by and for people who enjoy baking and cooking, in her Nottingham home. They came from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and New Jersey, and three brought their significant others along with gift baskets filled with goodies from their home towns and recipes to swap. Their host, meanwhile, greeted the girls with a giant sign and handmade aprons.

    • May 9, 2009
    • Wired
    • Food Web, Meet Interweb: The Networked Future of Farms – read story by Alexis Magdigal
    • May 20, 2009
    • GateHouse News Service (Holland Sentinel)
    • Trading Post: Cook Like a Desperate Housewife – read story by Kathryn Rem
    • May 7, 2008
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    • BakeSpace’s CEO Talks with FBLA – read story by Tina Dupuy
    • February 26, 2009
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    • BakeSpace.com, a Tasty Social Network – read story by Heather
    • February 11, 2009
    • San Jose Mercury News
    • BakeSpace & KitchenAid Unite for second annual Appliance-a-Day Giveaway
    • November 12, 2008
    • CBS 42
    • BakeSpace.com – read story
    • August 11, 2008
    • Mashable
    • BakeSpace Relaunches with Better Tools for Cooks – read story by Kristen Nicole


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