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    Cookbook Cafe is a new, grassroots way to publish and shop for cookbooks

    Experience the first cookbook builder, marketplace & reader that allows you to create your own interactive cookbook as an iPad App and web-based eBook… for FREE!

    What is Cookbook Cafe?

    CHEF Cookbook in the Cookbook Cafe App Cookbook Cafe is an entirely new way to publish and shop for cookbooks.

    With Cookbook Cafe, any home chef, group or nonprofit organization can publish an interactive cookbook as both an iPad app and a web-based ebook. They can then give it away or sell it to the world for profit or fundraising via the Cookbook Cafe storefront.

    It’s an idea whose time has come. Cookbook Cafe democratizes cookbook publishing by making the process easy and affordable for anyone with great recipes to share. Even “big name” traditional cookbook authors can use Cookbook Cafe to create their own app and online cookbooks to connect with fans.

    Unlike other do-it-yourself publishing services that help authors create traditional ebooks or mobile apps, Cookbook Cafe is free AND not limited by technology platform. It functions across different types of devices, including the iPad and any desktop or mobile web browser.

    For cookbook lovers, Cookbook Cafe is filled with unique grassroots recipes you simply won’t find anywhere else.

    How does it work?

    Cookbook Cafe has three distinct components:

    1. A free online cookbook builder to create and publish your digital cookbook.
    2. An iPad and web-based storefront to market and sell your cookbook, as well as shop for other grassroots cookbooks.
    3. An iPad and web-based reader to search and access all the recipes in the cookbooks you’ve downloaded.

    The Cookbook Cafe iPad app is free to download, and anyone (with or without an iPad) can access the web-based version at BakeSpace.com/cookbooks.

    5 Easy Steps for Authors!

    1. Create a free account at BakeSpace.com.
    2. Upload your favorite recipes and use the free Cookbook Cafe builder to create your cookbook.
    3. Upload a cover photo, add embedded video and include links to your social media profiles to fully personalize your cookbook.
    4. Set a price for your cookbook (you can give it away for free or sell it for profit/fundraising).
    5. Click “publish” and we’ll turn your cookbook into a native iPad app and web-based eBook. It will then be available in the Cookbook Cafe storefront (iPad and online).
    That’s all there is to it. It costs nothing to build your cookbook and make it available to the world as an app and web-based ebook!

    Finally, a Cookbook Marketplace and Reader for the App Generation

    The Cookbook Cafe storefront allows you to browse and search cookbooks based on food category, recipe and ingredient, as well as by reviews, what’s most popular, etc. You can also shop specifically for cookbooks that help support nonprofit organizations. Many of the cookbooks are free, and most cost less than a few bucks.

    Once you’ve downloaded a cookbook, every recipe in that book is indexed individually in your library. This means you don’t have to search an entire cookbook or cookbooks to find a specific recipe. Simply search by keyword and the recipe will appear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that with the cookbooks on your kitchen shelf?!

    In addition, the Cookbook Cafe iPad App includes nifty kitchen times, substitution charts and conversion tables.

    See the complete list of features.

    Cookbooks for Good… Shop, share & support!

    Perhaps best of all, many of the cookbooks you’ll find on Cookbook Cafe help support a range of nonprofit organizations that use crowdsourced cookbooks for fundraising. Discover a new charity or support your favorites by downloading their latest cookbook.

    Get started today!

    Get started today! Download Cookbook Cafe!


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